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How Your Party Girls was started

Your Party Girls was created by two very naughty dancers from Seattle who loved to misbehave together. Whether they were wearing transparent dresses while gambling in Vegas casinos, making out in public elevators or throwing wild hot tub parties to see how many naked boobies they could get floating in the hot tub at once; these dancers were perpetually exhibitionists and especially liked to play with each other.

Inspired by their love for performing together, these girls eventually created their own website to be provocateurs for you at your parties and in time their authenticity and love for fun during their shows made them extremely popular. In turn, they asked some of their dancer friends if they would like to get wild with them at parties too in order to meet their clients' demand for their services and Your Party Girls as an agency was born. Eventually, one of the original dancers moved to San Francisco to finish college and found new playmates to do some naked partying with there too. Abby Darling is one of Your Party Girls Bachelor Party Entertainment's original creators and still dances actively in both Seattle and San Francisco. Her original partner has since retired and moved on to new and exciting adventures.

Since Abby commutes between both Seattle and San Francisco stripping so regularly and often stops in Portland along the way, it seemed like just the natural thing to do to expand to Portland as well. There are several party girl strippers who moved there too and Abby just couldn't wait to tease and play with them any chance she had. Currently, Abby just moved to the Lake Tahoe area and is now providing outstanding service to the Tahoe/Reno area now as well! Your Party Girls always has and always will be all about "Real Girl-on-Girl Misbehavior!"

What makes Your Party Girls unique

Currently, over half of Your Party Girls' business is from repeat clients who love our services and use them again and again. We are dancer owned and operated right down to the creation of this website. All of our dancers were hired because they were friends with someone already performing within our group, which ensures tremendous friendship, chemistry and camaraderie while our ladies are performing for you. Finding new performers through friendship also means that Your Party Girls has stayed a small and tight knit group. Because of this, all of the photos on our website are of real girls who are not just stock photography of porn stars, and models you'll never get to meet. When you choose your favorite party girls, they'll really be the girls who show up at your door.

Your Party Girls offers real girls, who truly know each other and really like to get wild at your parties. When you call Your Party Girls the phone is always answered by someone who is a fellow dancer and each show is coordinated carefully and honestly, as if she were doing it herself. She'll be honest with you about what your show will entail, how long the girls usually stay, how much to tip and what will make your party run smoothly so it will be absolutely unforgettable. When you're entertained by Your Party Girls you'll see dancers who are treated well by both their managers and their customers and you'll see the smile of dancers who truly love what they are doing.

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Strippers Dancers was the winner of BEST SEXY ADVERTISERS in the Seattle Stranger in 2002:
This award goes to for two reasons: It has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and it's a dependable employer. If you are attractive and want a job that pays well, has flexible hours, and features opportunities to travel, then check out the website. If you are not attractive and not looking for work, the website offers other activities.

Just wanted to say thanx!!! I hosted a bachelor party @ my house friday night and had Josie and Jenny! They were great fun. definitely going to use your services again!

Thanx, P
Abby, Trillian & Ginger~

Compliments rained upon me from members to forward on to you. Everyone proclaimed that it was the best show in years. The revue was a hit. Thank you for working with me on the presentation of your troops performance. It was a pleasure to work with professionals once again on a staged production.

Best regards, DGT
Dear Abby and Violet,

Just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for an amazing performance last evening. Your show is the stuff of fantasy and dream material for a lifetime -- I'll never forget it! Take care and keep on being beautiful and sharing your talents with the world. Thanks again.


--- DF
Good Morning,

I just want to say thanks to you and especially Jenny and Kika for making Ed's 40th birthday a very memorable one. Both of the girls are more attractive than their photos. Their personalities and attitudes were about fun for Ed - and a little for me too : ) ! ... Now I just need to come up with a few more special occasions......Hmmmmmm? In the meantime, have a Very Happy New Year.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

We had a fantastic time with Rachel at our party on Wednesday. She was incredible, truly a super star! I am now a legend with all the guys thanks to her. The way she surprised Jim couldn't have been better. She made our party fun for us all. We hope to have more parties soon so we can use your service again.

Thank you,
Hi Abby,

I hired Danielle for a party last night, and I just wanted to let you know that she was wonderful. Her interaction with the boys was perfect! She was sweet, sensual, a kickass dancer, and to my delight she was also a good conversationalist. The bachelor party fucking rocked and seriously exceeded my expectations for the night. I love the fact that she kept control of the party the entire time, but let the drunken fools feel like they were. That's a true mark of professionalism. came through for me in a big way, and i am already working on some excuses to hire a girl again (or probably a few)!

as ever,
Hi Abby,

A little note to say thank you for the entertainment for my sons BP, I do have to say you are great looking lady who is very sexy yes I would love to have a private show but I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off your ass. You & Rio made the evening a plus that my son will never forget. Thanks for the memories.


Just a quick note. Thanks so much. Great show, guys had a great time with Jenny & Envi. Would like to use you again sometime. HAVE A GREAT DAY.

- S.H.
just wanted to say Envi and Rachel entertained a few friends at my house last night and they did a fantastic job! very professional HOT girls! i would much like to thank you guys for doin what u do it was awesome! you will hear from me again!

Dear Abby,

I've been meaning to thank you for setting up our event for K. last Friday evening. Please pass on our sincere gratitude to Trillian & Vanity. A few of us had the pleasure of Trillian's company about 3 years ago for another event & it was so nice to get to spend time with her again.

Although I was disappointed to not be able to meet you, ( and I hope you weren't feeling poorly for too long ) Vanity was a hoot and a very welcome guest. She's quite the Amazon Beauty !

We all had a great time and I honestly hope that Trillian & Vanity had as much fun as we did.

I'm looking forward to the next opportunity to get in touch with you. Thanks again & enjoy the upcoming holidays.

Hello Abby,

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated Kika and Chase. They quickly put everyone at the party at ease, made sure that everyone participated and made the bachelor feel special. The ladies were in good, energetic moods which in turn put everyone at the party in the same. At no time did we ever feel the pressure of an upsell and everyone respected everyone's boundaries. Please feel free to pass this on to Kika and Chase (if they have an email that they share I would appreciate it so I could thank them personally)

Please feel free to use my comments on any review site that you have provided that you leave my name out. :-)


-name omitted-
Abby, I'd like to convey my sincere thanks to you and your ladies April & Robin for helping me to create a great bachelor party for my brother H. this past Friday. I have to tell you, they really made the party a rousing success, I've been getting calls and emails from the guests thanking me all weekend but all credit has to go to your company for a fun, memorable and enjoyable night.

It was my first time planning a bachelor party and you made the process really smooth, the girls were right on time, professional and gave H. a great time. I hope we tipped them well and I'll be certainly insisting to my best man on your party girls when my turn comes around!

Take care and hope to be seeing you all again soon,


Honey was absolutely fantastic!! The best!!

Take care,


Thank you. My wife is on cloud nine. We both had a great time and just wanted to say thank you very much!

You sent me Honey for my birthday and she was absolutely amazing. She is an extremely classy young woman. The experience was truly intoxicating as well as therapeutic. I just wanted to thank you it made my birthday great. I am so pleased.

I had the pleasure of meeting Wildflower for the birthday party I threw and I just wanted to let you know that she is absolutely WONDERFUL. Everybody had a great time and she is very nice and polite and very talented. I think that everybody wanted one of her cards. Thank you so much. I am so glad that this worked out and hopefully we'll be talking with you again soon.

Thank you,

Just a short note to thank you for help in putting the Party together.
Everything went pretty well as planned & no one got kicked out.
Your girls (Wildflower, Estella & Rachel) were perfect & everyone had a great time.
Take care & I look forward to working w/ you again.

Abby, you were super hot and so was Ginger. Thanks so much.


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU!!!
April and Trillian were soooo much fun. The guys all had a great time.
I wrote up a glowing review for you on
You can find it here:

[Here is an excerpt from his review on Yelp] I called and spoke with Abby the next morning. We talked about who we are (10 geeky Jewish guys) and what we're looking for (naughty school girls). She was super friendly and easy to talk to on the phone as she explained how everything works.

The night of the party, April and Trillian showed up right on time and headed into the bedroom to get changed. They came out a few minutes later and put on an amazing show. They were sexy and playful and you could tell they were genuinely having fun with us.

All the guys were totally impressed. This was soooo much more fun that going to any strip club. It was private and personal and a lot more comfortable. It also didn't have the depraved dirty feeling you get when you stumble out of a strip club at the end of the night. After the girls left compliments rained down on me from all the guys, but I can't take credit for it. These girls were AMAZING.
Thanks again. Should I ever find an excuse to hire your services again, I'll know who to call.
Hey Abby,


I hired Trillian for my fiance's job promotion party on May 31st and the night rocked! The pictures of her on the website do not suffice. She is much HOTTER in person. She was very professional yet had the party going like it was 1999! It will be a night that everyone will remember. Thank you so much for working with me. I had booked on such short notice, but you were still able to find me a super sexy dancer. And please pass the thanks to Trillian. We will for sure keep your agency, especially Trillian, in mind for future parties. Thanks again and you ladies stay hot and beautiful!

Hi Abby,

I just wanted to tell you that my friends surprised me when Cherry visited us at our lesbian bachelorette party last weekend. She was great--she had a great presence, great energy, and really made me feel comfortable. I wasn't sure what to expect and was a bit nervous about the fact that it was probably a different situation than she was used to. But it was great and so positive and affirming. Thank you for making the connection and for having Cherry as part of your staff!

Abby and Robin were great. They were better than I could've hoped for and totally cool about twice as many people showing up as I'd told them to expect. Everybody had a blast that night until the cops came. They were gorgeous, too bad we couldn't take pictures.

Hi Abby ...

Regarding yesterdays photo shoot with Wildflower & Honey .... on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent) ... I'd give them a 14.5

Very happy in Everett

PS: this was my sixth experience with YourPartyGirls ... all have been amazingly excellent ... hopefully in August: ABBY VS RACHEL

Hey Abby,

My friends had a blast with April & Muffy the girls you sent over. We are talking about doing another Gentlemen's Night in three weeks. I will keep you posted in the next couple of days to book another event.

We have had Josie at two of our parties and I just want to tell you she is the best. Thank you and we will call on her and your girls again.
Thanks again,

5 star rating

Professional and superbly entertaining. "Disappointment" will no longer reside in your vocabulary after Your Party Girls visits your event. This is a very well run team and you cannot go wrong with any of the members of the team. My prefs are Abby and Robyn. Treat yourself and enjoy life, after all it is so short...


I wanted to thank you and Lilah for putting on a great show at my home in Petaluma. You both looked sensational and had great chemistry!

I will certainly contact you for a bachelor party and offer up referrals if anyone asks me who to call.

Again, thanks for putting on a sexy show.

Hello Abby,

Thank you so much. I made my husband's birthday party a memory to remember for a lifetime. He enjoyed a lot although he was really uptight. Remember it's his first time. Wildflower was so good, sweet and I really like her. My husband's friends also were so happy and couldn't stop talking about Wildflower. My husband is the talk of the town.



My husband booked Karina for my 30th birthday party this weekend and I just wanted to let you know how ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS she was. She was beautiful and polite and obviously an accomplished entertainer. My guests had a blast and she certainly provided the kick I was looking for.

Thanks so much!



Absolutely spectacular! Those are the only two words necessary to describe our experience on Sunday evening.

Josie and Honey were fabulous entertainers and the pictures on your website don't do justice to these girls who are even more sexy and beautiful in person. Not to mention a lot of fun to hang out with!

Please tell them how much we enjoyed the evening and let Josie know that I've decided to write her into my will. She is nothing short of sensational in every definition of the word and I plan on celebrating my 50th birthday again in the not too distant future.

Cheers and thank you,



Thanks for a great time. We all enjoyed ourselves very much. My clients think I am a rockstar thanks to Diamond & you.

Hopefully we will be in contact again soon.


This review is also on yelp at:

For the Ultimate in Professional Service and Client Satisfaction choose Your Party Girls. Abby is fantastic!! She takes the time to find out exactly what your specific party needs are and then she matches you up with the dancer that is the best fit for your event.

You can call around and price shop to find out who is the cheapest, but if you want quality and customer service, save your time and call Abby first.

So, let's get to the good stuff. Our dancer for a Bachelor Party that I hosted was Dominique. She arrived on time and ready to work. We had a discussion on what party games I wanted and what supplies she needed from me.

She came downstairs, got on the Mic, laid down the rules, turned on the music and the rest was mind blowing.

Tips for anybody who wants a party that everyone will remember, ask for the following:

Feed the Kitty
Ring Toss
Faux F*$%ing

Finally, thanks again for everything Abby!!


Hi Abby,

I just wanted to thank you for your help, Kira did a great job. I'm sorry the bachelor wasn't as in to it as everyone else, but we all had fun and that's what matters. Thanks again and let Kira know I said thank you as well.


I recently worked with Abby to organize a bachelor party, and she is fantastic. She offers a lot of different types of services, and she is willing to work with you to create an amazing party for your group. We decided it would be fun to create an elegant evening for our bachelor, and Abby and April showed up to escort him to dinner. The bachelor says this was his favorite part, answering the door to see 2 beautiful women to escort him to dinner. After the dinner, Abby & April turned themselves into poker dealers for the group, and the guys had a great time. One of the best things about working with Your Party Girls Bachelor Party Entertainment is that the photos are real, the person that shows up is the actual girl requested, and overall they have high standards. Highly recommended!


I would like to express my thanks (and I speak for all of us) to Gigmaster and a special thank you to Abby who chose three beautiful and talented girls. We thank Estella, Envi, and especially Hazel for their performance and their ability to make fantasies come true. Thank you girls. Thank you Abby. See you when we return from Afghanistan. To all who are seeking exotic dancers I can say without hesitation or reservation that these girls are the best. We had a great time.


Hi Abby,

Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had. It was really a lot of fun. It was definitely a bit of "sensory overload" for me. Danielle was absolutely stunning, breath-taking. She was very sweet and very sexy (naturally).

Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday.


Just wanted to say thank u for sending your girls out to my show. was grate to have and hope they enjoyed them self. i so know who i am going to call next time my friends what to plan anything like that. miss honey and miss envi were very cool and i enjoyed my self as much as i could.

thanks again

Hi Abby, just wanted to say thanks. 2 of your dancers came to our party last night. Hazel and Estella. (the vegan couple hahhaahaha) Everyone had a great time!

Thank you again,


Dear Abby,

Last weekend you and Robin ever so wonderfully entertained me and my friends at a bachelor party on Fulton Street (the big Victorian Mansion). I just wanted to say thanks again for your professionalism. I will be sure to recommend your company. Oh, and please tell Robin she absolutely melted my heart. I was the guy with the Texas shirt on. :-)



See this review on Yelp

I needed an entertainer for a bachelor I was throwing for my soon to be Son-in-law. Searched hard and found nothing. Tried Craigslist and found Your Party Girls. I called and talked to Abby. She explained the whole process to me. I made the arrangements with her. Abby was wonderful! She sent me a young lady by the name of Estella who was beautiful, young and very entertaining. The guys at the party were absolutely thrilled with her. I highly recommend Your Party Girls!




You were unbelievable -- professional, committed to service, and the main reason the night was a success. How you pulled off Becca and April at the last minute was amazing. J will never be the same and M definitely got his payback. You are adorable and we loved having you with us throughout the night. In such a shady and dishonest industry, you bring a lot of class and integrity. If you could only clone yourself you would have a scalable "risque" business -- pun intended.



Hi Abby!

Sorry it took me a number of days to shoot you feedback, but short and sweet... Jami and Bridgette were super fun to party with (they even made me get more naughty than usual and taught me a new move, that fun beaverbash, haha...) and all the guys had a great time... especially the groom who still has a sore ass from his lashings... Thanks for your help and I'll put your name out there/definitely use Your Party Girls Bachelor Party Entertainment again!




Hi Abby,

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Maria was. She exceeded our expectations and was just an absolutely lovely person and beautiful as well, and both my guy and girl friends were completely enamored with her. (especially the girls... you may hear some stories!!) A handful of friends had actually never been to the clubs and this was a very positive first 'stripper' experience for them. Thanks for patiently walking me through the process and answering questions, as well as founding Your Party Girls Bachelor Party Entertainment to make events like this happen. :)



The company was professional and the girls were hot. What more could you ask for?




Over the last weekend, I was treated to a bachelor party that included a performance by the absolutely stunning Carissa. I cannot thank Your Party Girls Bachelor Party Entertainment enough for providing me with what was most assuredly one of the most fantastic nights in recent memory, if not ever. It was a small party (there were only 3 of us), and yet Carissa made us all feel incredibly comfortable. She was beautiful, intelligent, and quite simply intoxicating. Please thank her for me, as she has certainly left an impression that I will never, nor want to, forget. She is truly unique, and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet her,

Many thanks,



I had a great time with you and Trillian as well, everything was perfect! It'll be all I can do to not try to schedule something on a weekly basis.



Thank you for last night both Robin & Diana were great! -J.C.


Hi Abby,

I think last Saturday was a great success and Hazel and Honey seemed happy with the day as well.

Thanks for all your help.



By the way Abby,...Carissa was fantastic....very sweet. Everybody had a blast.

Thank you




I don't know where to start! Friday night was was insane and it was all because of you. I am not going to lie while planning the party i was worried about how it will be received. I knew I would have fun because I am younger than everyone else plus it was my idea ;). I was worried the guys there would just sit on their hands and not have any fun. I thought they'd be worried because they were with a bunch of work guys. I think it would have been that way if it wasn't for you. You were extremely professional and friendly and easy going and down to earth and that made everyone experience a level of comfort that allowed them to have fun.

I have never had sushi that tasted that good before and I am sure it was because of such a beautiful platter. Oh and thank you for the piece of sushi and wasabi off your back ;).

The dancing afterwards went very smoothly. Your transitions were wonderful and the surprises played very well. If it wasn't for you the party would not have been a success. And I don't know how you do it, but over the weekend I missed you! That's how good you were the connection you made with each individual was unforgettable. I guess in my case I had the most interaction with you, from almost every other day emails to phone calls, and as a result I missed you. You are definitely amazing and I cannot wait to plan another party with you as our guest of honor.

From everyone here, thanks again for making Friday night a great success. You were awesome!



Hey Abby,

Just wanted to let you know that the performance Josie put on was a ton of fun. Waaay better than the strippers we've had in previous year's as one guy put it "miles above" those other ladies. She was very personable and friendly and was legitimately having fun herself which made things very comfortable. The fact that she allowed hands on entertainment by itself was incredible and made it very exciting and hot. Other strippers we've had always took a strictly hands to yourself approach.

We were pretty much blown away by the performance and all parties thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We will definitely keep her and/or YourPartyGirls in mind for next year.

Best Regards,




I have to tell you that Kitty was absolutely amazing. She changed the the whole energy of the party in a swift moment, and the energy kept going after she left. She had everyone at the party so turned on by the time that she left that there was all kinds of touching and dancing going on between almost everyone. My husband could not keep his hands off of me, and even commented that we might have to have her come over to our place ;) I was afraid that it was going to be difficult to get our guests of honor participating, but not at all. Kitty had them doing things that their closest friends never thought that they would see. She did a truly remarkable job, and if I ever need or just want another dancer again I will seek her out, as well as pass her name on to others who are looking.

Thank you for such a wonderful all around experience. From beginning to end you both were wonderful.

My deepest appreciation and kisses



Hi Abby,

I wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with the SugarPlum Elves. They were amazing.. and my husband enjoyed them soooo much! -- They took pictures while they were here that night ... Do you know how we can get them?




Abby, you are beautiful and the ultimate professional! Thanks for you & Vanity being the highlight of the party!




A huge thank you for helping to make my buddy's bachelor party a raging success! Robin and April were absolutely amazing, fantastic, super-gorgeous, and so professional. They immediately brought everyone to ease with their playful and friendly personalities. And boy, were they even hotter than their photos.

The only regret I have was not getting myself a lap dance. But hey, it was the groom that was supposed to get all the attention, right? :) I was the hero of the night, choosing Your Party Girls.

Thanks again, Abby. And please let Robin and April know that everyone had a fabulous and memorable time, and they now have a bunch of new fans for life.

All the best,


Hello Abby,
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was tonight with Josie. She did a wonderful job and made all of the boys feel very good, even the obnoxious one. She was professional and very sweet, worth every penny. I will keep your company in mind the next time I'm looking for quality entertainment. Thank you,



Wanted to say, "thanks" for having Envi and Kira out. They did a great job, everyone was very entertained. The bachelor loved it. Hope Envi and Kira had a good time and made enough money to make it worth the trip.



Abby, just wanted to send you a brief thank-you on behalf of everyone in attendance at the party I hosted last Sat. night at Tulalip. Carmen & Envi were everything you promised, and the party was a great success. Thanks again, DR

Abby Is Hot and a Lot of Fun... You'll love Abby. She is very hot and has a great sense of humor. She can go from mild to wild; personally I prefer the wild. Thank you,


Dear Abby!

Thank you very much Abby! The whole experience was great. Carmen did a great job, being very tactful and mindful, in everything she was doing! My wife and I had a lot of fun which made this a very memorable experience! If we are ever in the Seattle area again we will certainly be calling your service back!

Very Respectfully,

R and E


Another 5 stars for Abby. Both performers showed up on time for a practical joke I was playing. They followed the script and improvised when necessary. I think they stayed longer than I had expected and didn't push for tips (I had asked Abby about this and prepaid the tips). Both girls were cute and had pert..........well, I won't go into that.

P.S. the scrip was, some neighbors show up during our poker game and asked if they could use the pool for a swim. A cat fight breaks out in the pool and yada, yada, yada.



So Trillian was great and a good time was had by all. Thumbs up!

Until next time,

Called YPG to have 2 girls surprise my husband when he arrived home after work on his birthday. Even after reading all the 5-star reviews I wasn't sure if YPG would live up to my expectations. And now I can say that they certainly did. Abby was clear about the cost and updated me on who to expect at our home (asked for my personal preference) - she even called to let me know she was on her way. Arranged for payment and tips before hand and was not disappointed. Abby & Trillian were beautiful, sexy & fun. Safe to say my husband had a celebration he will never forget. Definitely recommend Your Party Girls and won't hesitate to use them again.

PS No doubt my husband will be recommending Your Party Girls to all his friends ;-)

I recently hosted a bachelor party and wanted a surprise "Stripper Gram" for the guest of honor. Based on the Yelp reviews here I went with Your Party Girls. My surprise involved a costume and a little planning and Abbie was very helpful and professional. Sienna was our "party girl", and she did a great job. She arrived on time and worked with me to make the surprise go perfectly. Plus, she had a great attitude and was even sexier in person ;-) Thanks Abbie and Sienna !

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